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16 Jun_2022

Time to meet and L.E.A.R.N. together!

01 Jun_2022

Together at the 9° JOINT AEA-SEROD Congress

27 May_2022

Are you ready to L.E.A.R.N.?

04 May_2022

Exciting times for Lima Implantes Team! We have moved!

29 Apr_2022

Together with the Amigos del Hombro

13 Apr_2022

Emmanuel Bonhomme is the new LimaCorporate's CEO

10 Apr_2022

We celebrate the 20th Birthday of our Modular Shoulder System

22 Mar_2022

We believe in offering Surgeons more than just a simple course.

21 Mar_2022

LimaCorporate introduces L.E.A.R.N. the new platform for a unique medical…

11 Mar_2022

Lima Implantes participated in the XVI SECHC 2022 National Congress

08 Mar_2022

First surgeries completed with patient-specific 3D printed implants produced at…

04 Feb_2022

50,000 cases achieved of the LimaCorporate Primary Total Knee system

28 Jan_2022

New Patient - Surgeon Interview

25 Nov_2021

The Unicompartmental Panel IS BACK!

20 Apr_2021

LimaCorporate is proud to announce the first surgery performed in the Stemless…

24 Mar_2021

We have made history! We announce the opening of the ProMade PoC Center

11 Feb_2021

LimaCorporate receives regulatory approvals for Smart SPACE Digital Platform